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(free) 03:59


released November 11, 2011

All tracks by Foad Arbabi / Robot Must Kill
Artwork by Fredrik Lindborg



all rights reserved


Robot Must Kill Sweden

if gary numan and daft punk had a child, and then that child rebelled against it's creators and killed them and in the fight became wounded so he had to be augmented with cybernetic implants and then he started making music, this is how it would sound.

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Track Name: once i saw you walk
once i told you i
really need to leave this place
you understood my love
those were the times

once i told you i
need to get away from this
from everyday of everything

once i saw you walk
away from all the things
you believe is something true my love

once i raised a boy
once you told me how to
believe in god's own words
those were the times
Track Name: skeletons in chains
did you forget what i am here to build
did you forget who you think i am
do you believe in money or in me
why do you need to make me feel like a man

do you believe in gods biology
do you believe in video or fame
or do you live for me to be someone
somebody you can calm sooth and tame

would you believe me if i said you are
all of the things that you hated as a child
would you believe me if i told you that
the love we shared is neither truth nor lie

do you prefer to dance or do you fight
do you prefer the beatings or the moves
or do we look like skeletons in chains
what does the stage look from the other side

do you desire black diamonds and gold
do you desire what can't be bought or sold
all that you thought was hot is ice cold
all of your dreams are nightmares about to unfold

did you forget how meaningless is made
did you forget what apathy can do
do you believe in weapons of the flesh
or would you like to just give up
Track Name: playtime
i just closed my eyes sealed my soul and
shut it up and push it into the sun
i just smile at you loving you but
when you're not here i listen to my gun

licking your legs until you scream
with my tongue i kill you from within
oh my cherished love how i wish you would die
so i would have something to write about

wanted to tell that you tore my life apart
that you fucked me from the start
but i didn't

i am the devil under your bed
you'll never get inside me
i am the one who talks in your head
open up don't deny me

sometimes i remember everything
sometimes i don't know where i've been
sometimes you remind of when i was
a dream, a taste, a question lost

enter the demon of yesteryear
is this the end of my tears
is this the time the time of my life
or is it playtime all over again
Track Name: without a doubt
sick of masturbation, it's all i do
but i'd rather do it alone
than do it with you

saw you in a crowd, i looked away
dancing away the night
turns into day

on my way to work, eyes straight ahead
if i can't see or hear
then nothing is said

this room is getting smaller, need to get out
but you're out waiting for me
without a doubt

when you colonized my head
try to take it back, i did
shot you in the head
but you're already dead
so i went ahead and

the blind are here to conquer, need to enlist
should i use words or
should i use my fists

don't forget the deaf, listening close
when do old friends depart and
become new foes

walking in the city, just moving on
denying the words that you
gave me at dawn

needles on the ground, think i blacked out
now you're standing over me
without a doubt

when you colonized my head
try to take it back, i did
shot you in the head
but you're already dead
so i went ahead and
shot me instead
Track Name: girl of mine
i've been looking for something for so long
i've been chasing a dream, i've been losing sleep
i've been looking for a place where i belong
i have never been someone to keep

and then you came along
i found i'm in too deep
so now i wrote a song
i feel i finally belong

the next day i woke and found you gone
you left without a word
i've been searching from dusk til dawn, for you
this is really absurd

i run around, i look for you
i ask everyone around
they all think i'm crazy so i leave them all behind
i found some other people and i ask them all around

have you seen this girl of mine?

they say that i should look in the lost and found
they say maybe i'm not quite sound
they say that maybe i just made it all up
so now i'm spinning round and round

i looked for her around the garden
i looked around the house
i looked around everywhere i could
if i was to find her i already would have

have you seen this girl of mine?
Track Name: taboo
come with me i'll set you free
everything for me
forbidden land in sight
everything for me

no more wrong or right
give up and take my hand
please put up a fight
welcome to forbidden land

i could be your whore
beat me til you're sore
and i will beg for more
crawling on the floor

i'll do it for you
what you tell me to
in this human zoo
breaking your taboo

do i scare or do i tease
i'll show you my way
nevermind the world outside
i'll make you say:

i could be your whore
beat me til you're sore
and i will beg for more
crawling on the floor

i'll do it for you
what you tell me to
in this human zoo
breaking your taboo
Track Name: this little thing
when you we're mine i knew i'd never lose
after a while all i had was the blues
there's no excuse for all the shit and abuse
at least you opened my eyes with the news

the radio hits me with songs and white noise
about some boys who broke their toys
even the deaf can't escape your voice

all i wanna do is destroy

you're no good for me i can see
what you do to me i'm blind
baby i want you but i need to stall

this little thing we have is falling apart

people go by as i kiss and i tell
but without you i'm just a boy
nobody's watching when i start to yell

all i wanna do is destroy