once i saw you walk

from by Robot Must Kill



I remember the day i conceived and finished this track. I had some friends over at the studio when I started working on it. They were leaving for a party and I was in total flow so i told them i'll join them later on. After a few hours i emailed a rough version to one of my friends at the party, and by the time i got there, people were dancing to it. One of those tunes that just comes to you, without any friction.


once i told you i
really need to leave this place
you understood my love
those were the times

once i told you i
need to get away from this
from everyday of everything

once i saw you walk
away from all the things
you believe is something true my love

once i raised a boy
once you told me how to
believe in god's own words
those were the times


from GO, released November 11, 2011



all rights reserved


Robot Must Kill Sweden

if gary numan and daft punk had a child, and then that child rebelled against it's creators and killed them and in the fight became wounded so he had to be augmented with cybernetic implants and then he started making music, this is how it would sound.

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